January 23, 2017

Under Cabinet Lighting Guide

Under Cabinet Lighting Guide

Under-cabinet lighting is the latest addition that can accentuate the decor of your kitchen, making it even more inviting, bright and multifunctional. The lights create an illuminated space over the countertops to provide a clear view when you have to cook dinner to clean the shelf. Over the years, the smart lights have evolved to be energy efficient and are available in various styles. Since, the market is filled with different under cabinet lightings, choosing a suitable option can be a bit difficult. To overcome this, you can follow the below mentioned points that will guide you to choose the right under cabinet lighting for your kitchen.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, installing under cabinet lighting can be a good option. It will help to illuminate the countertop while enhancing the overall look.  There are various cabinet shops in Hillsborough, NJ that offer customized cabinetry solutions. The craftsmen will evaluate the type of cabinet and space available to install the most suitable lighting option.

Types of lamps used in under cabinet lightings

Different types of lamps may be used according to the requirements of the clients. They can be categorized into:

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

LED bulbs can be the best option as they are energy efficient and help to save on electricity bills.

Let’s take a look at different types of under cabinet lighting fixtures:

Puck light fixtures

They are the most commonly used lighting fixtures. Puck lights are easy to install and affordable lighting options. They produce a non-uniform ray of light. Puck light fixtures are compact in size which makes them suitable for less spacious cabinets. Puck lights are available in various style options-

  • Incandescent puck lights – These fixtures usually emit a bright light.
  • Compact fluorescent puck lights – They produce more light and use 9W replaceable CFLs. Fluorescent puck lights switch on easily without flickering or buzzing.
  • LED Puck Lighting– A single puck fixture uses many LED lamps and has a larger life span as compared to other lighting options.

Task Lighting

These lights create a well-illuminated space on the kitchen countertop so that you can perform your tasks efficiently. Different types of task lights include:

  • Light strips: Installing light strips can be a good option for irregular cabinetry. Since they have interlinked fixtures or connectors, they can easily be cut to the desired length. Light strips can help to ensure an even light distribution over the countertop.
  • Linear Fixtures:  These fixtures use 18-35 W xenon lamps or 20-25 W halogen lamps. To attain a uniform illumination, the fixtures must be shielded with glass.
  • LED Linear Lighting: They should be placed closely on the front edge of the cabinet for better illumination. Some fixtures may also have the option to switch between high and low light intensity.

Designing under cabinet lighting

The factors which should be considered before you transform your kitchen using under cabinet lightning are as follows:

  • Type of countertop:  The surface of the countertop may have a glossy or a matte finish and may reflect light differently. To overcome this issue, you can use glass covered fixtures for shiny surfaces and lights with high lumen (rate of light emission) for dull surfaces.
  • Lighting colors: The color of the light should be chosen in such a way that it brightens the look of the room. It depends upon the correlated color temperature (CCT). For instance, fixtures with a warm glow can be a good option for ambient lighting. To provide a vibrant look to your room, you can opt for lights with cooler temperature.
  • Brightness and glare: It is recommended that lighting fixtures should be installed towards the front of the cabinet to produce even light distribution and minimize glare.
  • Fixture Fit: To reduce the shadows, it is imperative that the under cabinet lights are well connected and symmetrically arranged.

Under-cabinet lighting is available in a wide range of designs and new features. You can also adjust the light intensity according to your preferences and comfort level. So, if you want to make your kitchen look more elegant, installing under cabinet lighting can be the best idea.

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