January 3, 2017

Stylish Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Stylish Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cabinets not only serve storage purpose in the kitchen. Rather, they make a big style statement and are a centerpiece of the area. The type of cabinets you choose is a reflection of your own personality and taste. Therefore, you need to explore all the options and select the cabinets that highlight the beauty of your kitchen even more. Apart from the design and style that you opt for, the door of the kitchen cabinets is also an most important element that catches immediate attention.

Given here are some of the common kitchen cabinet door styles which you can choose from:


This is one of the most common door options which is preferred by a lot of people. Shaker style cabinet doors has a minimalist design, with a flat panel in the center and four flat panels on each edge. They come in a variety of colors, designs and materials. The quality that makes shaker style cabinet doors so popular is their simple design, which makes them compatible with both traditional and contemporary kitchen decors.


Louvered cabinet doors are characterized by thin wooden slats layered horizontally across the door. There may or may not be a slight space between each slat. These doors add a distinctive architectural element in the kitchen and look the best in a dark colored wood. However, louvered doors are quite an expensive option than other cabinet door styles.

Flat Panel

Flat panel cabinet doors are another great option for people who love simple and clean designs. It consists of a flat center panel with slightly raised outer edges on all sides. These types of cabinet doors look good in traditional, transitional and even contemporary styles kitchens. You can buy the doors made of either wood or laminate. Though wooden door looks elegant laminate is a cost effective alternative and is available in a wide range of color and shine options.


Beadboard cabinet doors can give that vintage cottage-style feel to your kitchen. The beadboard paneling, mostly vertical, at the center of the door along with flat edges will definitely add a luxurious touch. These doors look the best in white color, along with the right amount of lighting, making your kitchen look brighter and more spacious. However, they can be difficult to maintain as cracks on the beadboard panel are quite easily visible.


Although it is one of the oldest styles, inset cabinet doors are really expensive. In these , the detailing is done inside the frame, unlike other door styles. Designing these doors require utmost precision and attention-to-detail to ensure that the door opens/closes easily even when the wood expands/contracts. However, one disadvantage of this style is that the interior set up of the door reduces the space available inside the cabinet, which means you will have smaller shelves and drawers.

How to choose the right wood for the kitchen cabinet door?

There are a wide range of wood options available for kitchen cabinet doors. The choice depends upon the color and finish you want for your cabinet. For instance, you can go for oak if you want your cabinets to have a traditional or transitional look. Hickory or knotted pine can be chosen to give a rustic and casual feel to your kitchen. Cherry wood can give a warm look to the kitchen. Moreover, due to the fact that this wood becomes darker with age, it will definitely add another dimension to your kitchen decor.

If you are unable to find the perfect door style that complements your decor and taste, you can consider opting for custom made kitchen cabinets. Right from door style to wood selection, you can get everything according to your own preferences.

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