November 30, 2016

Storage Unit Ideas For Bathroom

Storage Cabinet Ideas For Bathroom

Bathroom cabinets accommodate a range of daily use items such as shampoos, toothbrushes, towels, hair dryers and what not! In order to have a functional bathroom, storage units should be such that these items are easily accessible.

Storage units add an element of practicality to the bathroom. When opting for one, there are a few factors to be kept in mind:

  • The unit should not be too big if you have a small bathroom.
  • The material should be able to withstand heat, water and high levels of moisture.
  • If you prefer to preserve space, purchase units that use up corners or can be mounted.

Discussed below are some storage units that can be installed to make your bathrooms more organized and plentiful:

Wall Cabinets

When it comes to increasing storage in a bathroom, the empty walls should not be ignored. Wall cabinets are an excellent way of adding storage space. These cabinets are mounted on the wall and create an uninterrupted floor space. They can be purchased in any material, color and finish to add character to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can opt for floor cabinets. These can be placed in the corners or under the sink and can be used to place your toiletries. Bigger cabinets can also be used to store towels and garments.
Adding baskets to the cabinets can help to lessen the clutter in bathrooms. Use different sized baskets to store bottles, medicines, towels and provide an organized look to your bathroom.


For irregularly shaped bathrooms, customized shelves can be installed on the walls. Opt for shelves made of marble or fiberglass depending upon your budget and decor. You can also add multiple layers of corner shelves or a single glass rectangular bar above the sink to place your necessary items.


Depending upon the size of your bathroom, choose wall mounted or free standing racks. You can install spice racks beside the sink or tub to add a functional yet innovative appeal to your bathroom. Free standing racks are portable and highly spacious. Purchase a rich looking, featured rack to add character to your bathroom.


These are great for saving space and adding style to your bathroom. They help to render a clean, clutter-free look and can be customized to fit in large as well as small spaces. Mirrored cabinets are a great example of lending additional storage to a bathroom. Shelves can be installed between mirrors to keep items in reach. Installing racks under a pedestal sink is also a great way of increasing storage.

Linen Tower

Perfect for small bathrooms, these units are slender and tall. Apart from linens, you can use them to store anything ranging from extra shampoos to soaps. They require comparatively less space and can use up corners efficiently. Opt for a mix of cabinet and drawers to store a variety of items in a single unit.

Storage Benches

These benches come with drawers or storage boxes. These are great at concealing storage space and can serve dual purpose. You can use them to sit as well as to accommodate daily utilities.

Here are some tips that can help you to further increase storage in your bathroom:

  • Fix rods and hooks behind the bathroom door or beside the bath tub to hang towels, bath salts, foot scrubs etc.
  • Use a mix-match of covered and open cabinets for delivering an elaborate look to your bathroom. It not only gives an organized look, but also keeps out monotony.
  • Segregate your daily use items from the ones you need less frequently. Place the common items in open shelves to save time and reduce clutter.
  • Keep the floor space free. Place minimal items on the floor to make the bathroom look chic and spacious.
  • Place a basket of toiletries or magazines on top of the cabinets to use up any free space.
  • Storage units can be easily customized to increase its utility. You can add steam free pads, shaving sockets and LED lights to the unit. For an efficient management of your bathroom accessories, the ideas discussed above can help you to tackle the clutter in your bathroom. Follow the ideas to install the right units and save the hassle!

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