June 21, 2017

Space Saving Cabinet Ideas For Office

Space Saving Cabinet Ideas For Office

An organized and efficient workstation needs to be designed cleverly so that every inch of the office space is utilized wisely. One of the most important parts of any office is the storage cabinets. These cabinets need to be functional, easy-to-use, attractive as well as space-saving. Every cabinet must be installed keeping in mind its usage. Also, ensure that the cabinets easily amalgamate with the office interiors and look trendy.

Always consider the space available in the office before finalizing any particular type of office cabinet. There are three important things that need to be kept in mind before installing cabinets in your office. These are:

Choose the right material

The most commonly used materials for office cabinets are: metal, wood and wicker or even mesh. The metal cabinets are sturdier and long-lasting but very heavy as compared to wood and wicker. On the other hand, wood and wicker cabinets will give a contemporary look to your office but can easily get damaged due to moisture or fire.

Choose an apt size

The size of the cabinets mainly depends on the type of documents you will be storing in them. While a vertical cabinet will work best for normal files and documents, you will need a lateral filing cabinet for oversized documents. Also, choose the number of drawers according to the requirement.

Have additional features

Having additional features such as rolling wheels, a good locking mechanism and fireproofing capabilities can provide extra security and mobility. Therefore, choose such features depending on what is most suitable for your office.

You can opt for space saving cabinets from multitude of options available in the markets nowadays. Some of these are listed below:

Vertical cabinets

These types of cabinets are very suitable for offices as they occupy minimum floor space. Vertical cabinets offer very good storage space and you can easily store files and documents in them. Not only this, vertical cabinets are also compact and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Small filing cabinets

If you are short on space, it is best to opt for small filing cabinets. These cabinets can be easily hidden under desks or pushed into closets. You can even keep them as side tables to serve the dual purpose of storage as well as presentation. In order to have a more convenient version, go in for wheeled filing cabinets as they are portable.

Lateral cabinets

These short and wide cabinets have drawers installed adjacent to each other. One of the major advantages of using these cabinets is that they are multi-purpose. For instance, you can convert the top surface of a lateral cabinet into a work desk. Also, the drawers occupy minimal space when opened. All in all, this is another great space-saving option when it comes to office cabinets.