May 26, 2016

Space Saving Bathroom Cabinets In Hillsborough, NJ

Space Saving Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

When it comes to small bathrooms, one needs to furnish it in a way that it looks more spacious. Installing cabinets and shelves that save floor space and offer a myriad of storage options can help you have a space-saving bathroom.

Discussed below are some cabinet ideas that can help a small bathroom look spacious:

Wall-mounted cabinets

Install cabinets and shelves on the wall to store basic toiletries.  You can go for options like – floating shelves, wall-hung baskets, towel racks, mini cabinets etc. These units will not take up on any floor space and help you keep your bathroom clutter-free.

Corner cabinets

When it comes to furnishing a bathroom, corners are often neglected. By installing corners cabinets, you can save up valuable floor space and also create more room to store basic knickknacks. You may also consider adding racks above these cabinets to place a vase or any other décor accessory.

Under the sink cabinets

The space under the sink can be used to install side by side cabinets. Wooden baskets can also be used to give the bathroom a contemporary look. You can consider adding shelves or drawers in the cabinet as per your storage requirements. Moreover, the top of the cabinet can serve the purpose of a countertop to place your daily use items.

Over-the-toilet Cabinets

A storage unit over the toilet can be an efficient option to save space in a small bathroom. The top of the cabinet can be used to store items that are rarely used or to place vases, plants and scented candles to add a beautiful touch to the bathroom.

Over-the-door cabinet

The space above the door can also be used to store essential items that may be required in the bathroom. It can be used to store extra towels, toilet papers or tool box. These cabinets are quite compact and can accommodate a lot of extra stuff. You can also hang towel bars behind the door to save the bathroom wall for installing a cabinet.

The above-mentioned ideas can help to make your bathroom clutter-free, systematic, and relaxing.

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