February 11, 2015

Small Bathroom Cabinets

Small Bathroom Cabinets

Often bathrooms are not very spacious in cities and this makes the homeowners look for bathroom accessories that can help them maximize their space, especially for storage. Bathroom is the most used room where you need to store a number of things including toiletries, shampoos, personal hygiene products, towels, toilet papers, and even medicines. Storing so many things becomes difficult in small bathrooms where space is a constraint. A variety of bathroom cabinets is available in the market that makes it easy for you to keep your bathroom clutter-free.

People invest in many types of cabinets to keep their bathrooms organized. These cabinets offer perfect storage solutions along with offering style and elegance. By having some functional vanity or cabinets you can keep everything accessible. Depending upon the space available, you can have small as well as large bathroom cabinets that are available in different price ranges. You can easily find a cabinet that perfectly blends with the design and the décor of your bathroom. Here are some different types of cabinets that are bound to enhance the storage space in your bathroom.

Wall Mount Cabinets

Wall hung cabinets are one of the most popular types of bathroom cabinets that you can use. They are the best for small bathrooms, as they do not occupy space on the floor. You can easily mount these cabinets over the sink, near shower, on top of a vanity, or near a sunken bathtub. These cabinets have adjustable panels and mirror doors. The elegant mirror hides everything behind as well as reflects light to create the illusion of space and thus, make your bathroom look spacious.

Over-The-Toilet Cabinets

Such cabinets that can be easily tucked behind the toilet tank are great space saver. You can choose either a freestanding style or a wall mount style that straddles the toilet tank. This will perfectly utilize the space above the toilet, which otherwise goes waste. You can choose a cabinet with glass front to make it more appealing.

Vanity under the sink

You can also use the sink area by having a vanity under the sink. A variety of vanities are available that have shelves, trays, and drawers to accommodate a number of things. You can easily keep your things organized in different ways. Vanities with doors and without doors are available, so you can choose accordingly.

Medicine Cabinets

You can use the wall surface above the bathroom sink or vanity. Medicine cabinets with mirror front or solid wood doors are quite popular. You can easily adjust the cabinet to a comfortable height so that you can store medicines and other things out of the reach of children.

These cabinets maximize the space in your bathroom and make it more appealing.