January 18, 2016

Reasons To Choose Open Shelves In The Kitchen

Reasons Behind Choosing Open Shelves In The Kitchen

Kitchens have now become style statements, which have a lot of scope of innovation and creativity. If you are planning to remodel or renovate your kitchen, shelving is the perfect place to start. Opting for open shelves is one way to add space and beauty to a kitchen, while keeping the utility intact.

Here are some benefits:


Go for shelves that have an option of flexible rack boards so you can increase or decrease the size of the shelves. This will help you to customize the shelves according to your requirements.


Instead of having everything shut behind cabinet doors, it is more convenient to see essential items at one glance. It allows one to move around stuff easily based on their needs and usage. Open shelves also are easier to clean.


Open shelves can help you save on the cost of creating or buying full-sized cabinets. By adding a combination of attractive colors, you can really play with the look and feel of your kitchen.

Provides more space:

Open shelves add to the clean look of the kitchen by saving space and keeping everything organized. One can also use the unutilized corners by putting shelf boards on them and making them worthy of storing cutlery, cookbooks etc.

Display goodness:

If you are fond of collecting urns, open shelves give you an opportunity to display your love for cooking elegantly. Keep the collectibles on shelves that may not be handy and add a unique look to your kitchen.

Helps to remain neat:

Another important advantage of open shelves is the compulsion to keep them neat and clean. If something looks cluttered, you will be compelled to clear it immediately so that your kitchen looks beautiful.

You can also go for a combination of open and closed shelves to store away all the clutter, while having some of them open to add to the beauty of your kitchen. If you have an open kitchen plan, these shelves can be used to store artifacts, green plants and even herbs so you cook in absolute style.

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