February 28, 2017

New Cabinet Design Trends For 2017

New Cabinet Design Trends That You Can Have

Cabinets occupy an important place in the kitchen interiors and enhance the overall look of the room. However, you need to have the latest cabinet designs to make your kitchen and home look up-to-date. It is also essential to have the right kind of cabinets that are enough for the storage needs of your family. Below is a list of some of the new cabinet design trends that you can have in your home:

White cabinets:

These types of kitchen cabinets are fast becoming popular as they lend a clean and glossy look to the complete kitchen. You can have white cabinets in any size and they will make your kitchen look big and spacious. However, a proper cleaning routine is essential to make sure that your white kitchen cabinets never look untidy.


Cabinet shelves are now getting equipped with lighting and this is one of the trends that is catching up fast. LED lights can be added to the cabinets and shelves to illuminate them and brighten up your room. However, ensure that the lighting is not gaudy and is minimalist and sleek for the best look.

Extended upper cabinets:

One of the top kitchen cabinet design trends for 2017 is the extended upper cabinets. Sections of the upper cabinet are extended up to the counter and small appliances such as coffee maker or blender can be easily taken off the counter and stored here. This gives the kitchen a sleek look without compromising on the overall design and ease of access.

Glass cabinet doors:

Although open shelving has become fashionable in the past few years, the dishes can accumulate dust over a period of time. Glass paneled cabinets can showcase your dishware in the most appealing manner along with preventing any dust from settling on it. For an even more attractive look, you can opt for frosted glass for your kitchen cabinets.

Tech-savvy cabinetry:

The cabinets are now becoming more functional than ever with the latest innovations and designs. For instance, some cabinet designs have the option of a built-in charging station for all the handheld electronic devices. You can also easily mount your phone or tablet on an exposed shelf to read a specific recipe while working in the kitchen.

Cabinets are not only limited to kitchens now and can be used in any room in your home. They are the perfect option for hiding unwanted items or clutter, away from your eyes. For example: you can have cabinets in your living space around a small seating arrangement. This can double up as a warm space for sipping coffee or reading a good book.

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