January 24, 2015

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

5 of The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

The most affordable way to re-decorate your kitchen is by replacing the current kitchen cabinet doors with new ones. Cabinet doors, being the most visible portion of your kitchen, can impart a brand new look with minimum investment. Kitchen cabinet doors come in various designs that are sophisticated, complex, minimalistic or simple.

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles that you can consider for your home are:

Shaker Cabinet Door Style

This is the most common form of cabinet doors that is found in modern kitchens. This style is characterized by focusing on the utility value of the cabinet. It is a popular choice among people due to its ability to complement most décors, wood types, color, paint and hardware.

Flat Cabinet Door Style

Homeowners who want to lend a contemporary look to their kitchen can opt for a flat cabinet door style. This is a perfect combination of a simple yet stylish design, which is a great fit for modern kitchen interiors. Flat door cabinets are available in a wide range of wood and finish. Laminate doors tend to be affordable and are available in vast colors and styles.

Louvered Cabinet Door Style

Horizontal wood planks are generally used in windows and closet doors. However, if you want proper ventilation for your kitchen cabinetry, the louvered cabinet door style is the ideal option for you. Adding these to your kitchen can enhance the architectural style of your kitchen.

Beadboard Cabinet Door Style

If a cottage style kitchen appeals to you then you must go for beadboard cabinet door style. In this style, the central panel is similar to a customary beadboard paneling that is used as a decorative wall treatment. Although the all-white cabinetry can give a royal look to the kitchen, the minor cracks and crevices in the pattern can be hard to clean.

Inset Cabinet Door Style

Although a little expensive, these cabinet doors can give your kitchen a traditional look that can last for years. The inset doors are mounted inside the wooden frame with the help of hinges and usually two hinges are used per door.

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