February 1, 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

If you want to breathe new life into your kitchen, updating the kitchen cabinets can be good idea. Kitchen cabinet trends have evolved in leaps and bounds over the years. In addition to the traditional wooden cabinets, you can now find a myriad of material options such as laminates, glass, wood-plastic, metals etc. Cabinets with additional features such as lighting and stylish doors are also available at the stores.

Let’s explore the different kitchen cabinet styles to help you choose the right ones:

Glass Front Cabinets

It is one of the most preferable choices amongst homeowners. These cabinets enhance kitchen’s appearance and give sense of added space. However, you may have to store the things in an organized way as nothing remains concealed. Having glass front cabinets can also help to display decorative items and other kitchen accessories. You may create an entire upper shelf that has glass doors and beautifully displays the amazing crockery collection you possess.

Open Shelves

Keeping things behind the doors isn’t always a good option specifically in areas that have high humidity, so having open shelves solves this issue. These type of cabinets have been popular in recent years but, when compared to other types they are a bit difficult to maintain and clean. This is because, their open structure makes them prone to dust and stains.

Two different materials, marble and quartz are used to build open shelves.


Has always been a choice for making open shelves because of the advantages it offers. Apart from its lustrous look it has a natural tendency to stay cool which is good if you bake frequently. However, marble shelves have a lacuna due to their porous nature which does not allows the stains to go away.


Is an alternative that is commonly used to build shelves, it is easy to clean and is more durable. It is available in wide range of colors from pure white to tones that mimic marbles.

Built-in Cabinets

To utilize the space in small kitchen it is recommended that built-in cabinets are favored. These cupboards are embedded in walls and occupy less space to make your kitchen look capacious. They give a perfect finish to the kitchen, increase usable area and can be designed according to slightest space available.