January 3, 2018

Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2018

Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2018

The kitchen is known as the heart and hearth of a home. As opposed to yester years, this is the room where families sit together, cook and enjoy meals while interacting with one another. Invest in innovative cabinet storage with extra deep drawers, vertical slots for added storage, storage for large appliances like a coffee maker, and so on. The idea is to create more storage that is easily accessible.

If you are keen on sprucing things up in your kitchen this year, here are the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry that you would love to catch up with.

Colorful Cabinetry

2018 is all about splash of color in the kitchen. Gone are the days of monochromatic kitchens. The kitchen deserves to be the happiest looking room in the modern household. Ocean inspired shades like blues and greens are dominating the trend charts. Another color doing the rounds this year is violet. Bold colors like ultraviolet exude a feeling of luxury and elegance. The good old oak colored cabinetry is here to stay.

Two-Tone Cabinets

This is the year of mixing up colors. Upgrade your kitchen cabinetry from a simple flat color to a two-toned one. Add depth and focal point to your kitchen by coloring the top of cabinets with a lighter hue than bottom part. This can be done with two neutral shades or two shades of a single color. Gray, navy and natural wood hues are in trend for this dual tone look.

Glass Door Cabinets

Open and airy kitchens are the flavor of 2018. To create this, top designers are opting for cabinets with glass-front doors. You also get a chance to put on display your favorite crockery and bakeware.

Pet Friendly Cabinets

Choose a kitchen cabinetry that is equipped with feeding stations, pull out drawers to store your pet’s food. The cabinets should be easy to clean and use on a day to day basis.

Space Efficient Cabinetry

Cabinetry in 2018 should be in sync with the trend of simpler and smaller spaces. Modern storage is synonymous to clever storage. Buy kitchen cabinets that have built in smart storage units e.g. tall put out drawers or cabinetry which can easily be folded back to increase space.

Technology Friendly Cabinets

With everything leaning towards technology, kitchen cabinets too need to be upgraded. Most cabinets these days come with inbuilt add-ons to cater to touch screens, voice commands and smart controls. It’s high time you make your kitchen a “smart kitchen”.

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