November 6, 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Styles And Trends

Kitchen Cabinet Styles And Trends

When it comes to styles and trends for kitchen cabinets, there is a lot to choose from. The wide range of options available at Fine Cabinetry makes it more difficult to decide the perfect design combination for the space. In this article, we have jotted a few styles and trends to help you out.


The most probable part of kitchen cabinet that adopts new style and gathers new trends is the texture or color. These factors change as different wood have different grains, colour depth and pattern.


The cabinets adopted popular veneered slabs, dark wooden look and distressed gun metal texture.


Colors of cabinet have a greater role to play in order to make them look stylish. The trend of choosing from white, creamy white, contrast appeal and grey is considered suitable for stylish kitchen cabinet look. It is also a popular trend to select plain colors to enhance the appeal of cabinet.


The kitchen cabinets are functional pieces of any space. The trend changed to different functionalities and style statement was added. The main components of kitchen cabinet such as doors and shelves become trendy with a bit of modified functionality being added to the manner of operation – pull out drawers and rotating shelves.

  • Doors: There are several stylish and trendy options for kitchen doors available. The style of opening door can be chosen from hinged, sliding, flip door, pull out drawers, automatic doors being in trend.
  • Shelves: Recently, trend is shifted towards having outside style and inside appealing look as well. Thus, shelves with rotating frames, multi-purpose shelves and wire gaze shelves are usually selected for the kitchen cabinet.
  • Material: The cabinet material and manufacturing have gone style changes and different wooden, glossy glass and even shining stainless steel material is trending for the kitchen cabinets.
  • Location: Usually, the upper and lower place of kitchen cabinet is selected complimenting each other. However, trend has shifted towards styling upper and lower cabinet with different styles.
  • Upper cabinet: The upper part of cabinet is usually styled with floating shelves to represent luxury and decor.
  • Lower cabinet: The look of lower cabinet is selected from popular sleek design. The sleek design only exhibits lines for various drawers and is plain like a wall. A slight push and cabinet space opens up for storage.


Nowadays, people are opting for theme based kitchens and therefore, cabinets have gone a change in style of appearance. The cabinet is decided particularly on the basis of theme which is opted for the space. The trend is to choose the kitchen cabinet with different styles such as industrial look, beach theme with bright colors, contemporary theme with wooden textures and even retro look with dark and deep looking wooden cabinet.

Finally, different styles and trends can be chosen and customized to compliment the kitchen space. This will make the whole kitchen look stylish and trendy.