March 10, 2018

Kitchen Cabinet Hacks To Increase Storage

11 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Hacks You Can Try Today

Tweaking your kitchen cabinets can dramatically increase storage space. Proper utilization of cabinet space can instantly add beauty and functionality to a kitchen. A little creativity in utilizing kitchen cabinets for additional storage can cut down unwanted remodeling expenses and is a great option for those who live in rental homes. Let’s take a look at some cabinet hacks that can add storage space in the kitchen and free up your working area for more efficiency.

Utilize Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are a budget friendly option for hanging kitchen items that create clutter or are needed daily. You can hang a towel on removable hook installed on the cabinet door or fix a removable wire rack for spices.

Use Dividers

Narrow kitchen tools like pans, chopping boards, baking sheets etc. can be neatly stored away in narrow storage areas created by dividers.

Tall Cabinets

Renovate your existing cabinets and extend them up to ceiling for added storage. You can also leave some shelves open for displaying special items and storing stuff you need often.

Improvise Storage

If you have a kitchen island or a baker’s shelf, why not add some storage zones to them. You can stack away cookbooks in cubbies, tuck linens, or store decorative mugs you need every day.

Using Pull-Out Bins

Kitchen cabinets can be a great place to shove away unsightly and bulky items that consume a lot of space. Such items include dustbins and recycling bins. Convert them into pull-out bins as they still solve the purpose without compromising on aesthetics of kitchen.

Use Drawer Organizers

If your kitchen cabinet comprises of drawers, use organizers to store small items like spoons, butter knives, forks etc.

Stack Up Shelves

Double up the shelf space in your cabinet by adding shelves to a tall cabinet space. These can be effectively used to store plates and pans. You can also fix shelves on the doors of your cabinets for storing bottles and other vertical supplies.

Toe-Kick Drawers

If you’ve got some space under your cabinet, then install under-cabinet drawers. They are a great option for utilization of that space.

Sink Tip-Out Tray

In most of the cabinets under the sink area, there’s usually a fake drawer panel in front of the sink. This can easily be converted into a tip-out drawer for storing away scrubbers and sponges.

Spice Shelves

Spices and herbs look best when organized. Throwing them into a drawer haphazardly is no solution to the mess. Get a customized spice shelf built instead. Add horizontal partitions based on the size of your containers.

Swing Out Organizers

Utilize a corner kitchen cabinet by fixing a swing-out organizer. This way you will have added storage and easier accessibility to items in the corner cabinet. No more awkward bending and twisting to find something.

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