August 19, 2016

How To Incorporate Glass In Your Kitchen Cabinets

4 Ways To Incorporate Glass In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Glass doors have always been a major element in modern kitchen cabinets. Not only they increase the usability of the cabinets, but also become a focal point of the kitchen. Glass front cabinets are often used in the upper areas of the kitchen. They can be used to display daily use kitchen items, cutlery, expensive dishes etc. You can add built-in lights in the cabinets to improve their overall look and functionality.

Given below are some of the ways you can incorporate glass in your kitchen cabinets:

Glass Front Peninsula Cabinets

Kitchen peninsulas can be defined as an extension of the countertop that separates the cooking space from the dining area. You can install cabinets in this place to increase the storage space in your kitchen. Many homeowners feel that peninsula cabinets block the space and make the kitchen look small. However, when you go for glass front cabinets, they lend a much airy and spacious look to the entire kitchen.

Picture Window Cabinets

If you have a lot of windows in your kitchen, you may not want to add cabinets that block natural light. In such cases, you can consider installing wall cabinets without a back panel directly over the windows. This will give you an illusion of openness and increase the storage space, while allowing the sunlight to flow through your kitchen windows.

Frameless Glass Front Cabinets

Traditional glass cabinets usually comprise of a wooden frame with a glass panel in the center. If you want to provide sleek and elegant look to your kitchen, consider installing frameless glass front cabinets. They give a neat look as there is not any hardware and the hinges are hidden when the cabinet is closed. Drawers and shelves in frameless glass front cabinets are also wider due to the lack of frame at the sides.

Decorative Glass Front Cabinets

If you are looking for a different look, you can install decorative glass in your kitchen cabinets. Frosted, etched, stained, textured and colored glass are some of the options you can consider. This type of glass will give a translucent appearance, i.e. it will neither look dark like the wooden cabinets nor completely reveal your personal items kept inside.

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