February 15, 2016

How To Choose A Bathroom Vanity In Warren, NJ

How To Choose A Bathroom Vanity?

A beautiful vanity can spruce up the overall look of your bathroom. You can choose from numerous traditional or contemporary styles depending on the design of your bathroom. You can also consider vanities that are sold with matching mirrors as this helps in creating a consistent look for your bathroom. Here are certain factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect bathroom vanity:

Measure the dimensions:

The vanity should fit perfectly in your bathroom with enough space for door openings. Check all your plumbing connections and look for a vanity that combines well with the existing amenities in your bathroom. Assess your storage needs to determine the ideal size for the cabinet tops.

Select the style:

Bathroom vanities can be broadly classified into two categories: freestanding and built-in. If you are short on space, opt for a freestanding bathroom vanity. On the other hand, the built-in variety looks perfect in larger spaces. You also need to decide whether you want to buy a vanity with or without a top.  You can even wall-mount or corner-mount your vanity depending on the space available in the bathroom.

Color and finishing:

Vanities are available in hordes of materials such as wood, glass depending upon your preferences. Note that vanities in neutral colors give the illusion of more space. However, if you have a large bathroom, you can blend different colors of vanities. You can also go for double vanity units to add a luxurious touch to the room.


Vanities with single sinks are the best bet when it comes to small spaces. If you require more top space, opt for a wide single sink vanity. However, it is better to opt for a vanity with two sinks if it needs to be kept in a master bathroom.


Most of the vanity tops already have openings for faucets. You can choose the one according to your requirements and the setting in your bathroom. Most preferred types include single-hole faucets, widespread mounts and center-set faucets.

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