April 3, 2018

Factors To Consider While Buying Bathroom Cabinets

Top 6 Factors To Consider While Buying Bathroom Cabinets

The perfect cabinets for your bathroom should complement the size and style of your bathroom while being practical and durable at the same time. Here is a list of some factors to consider when buying cabinetry for the bathroom.

1. Size Of The Bathroom

The space in your bathroom will determine the kind of cabinetry you must purchase. There are many options for spacious bathrooms but fewer for smaller ones. Nevertheless, one can always get creative with smaller bathrooms by experimenting with wall mounted cabinets. So before stepping out to buy cabinets note down the dimensions of your bathroom. Keep in mind that there should be space left out for accessories such as mirrors and medicine cabinets. Also ensure the drawers do not block the entryway.

2. Style Of Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets usually consist of three types. There are the free standing ones, wall mounted ones and those that can be mounted in a corner. The type of cabinets you choose should go well with the overall style and size of your bathroom.

3. Drawers

When buying cabinets, look for those that are 3/8 – inch to 1/2 – inch thick at the bottom. They should fit perfectly in their box, open silently and glide effortlessly. A good drawer should not sag when completely opened.

4. Materials And Finishes

Before you buy cabinets for your bathroom it is essential to ensure that they are made of quality material. Since, bathroom cabinets will be exposed to water so make sure that are made from materials that can tolerate water and moisture. Materials like plywood, particleboard, solid wood, etc. are common choices for bathroom cabinetry. The best finishes for bathroom cabinets are painted, stained, glazed, distressed, laminated or antiqued finishes.

5. Doors And Accessories

The drawers and doors of bathroom cabinetry should be coordinated. Even hardware such as hinges and knobs should blend with the rest of the cabinet. In addition to looking aesthetically appealing, the accessories on the cabinets should be easy to use. For door styles, you can choose from flush doors, elevated doors or doors with a square, arched or round inset central panel. The right type of door will enhance the look of the cabinetry.

6. Color

Make sure that color of the cabinets that you choose for your bathroom go well with the theme otherwise.
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