November 25, 2015

Choosing The Right Cabinet Colors For Your Kitchen

Choosing The Perfect Color For Your Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinets can make your kitchen look vivacious and attractive. With an endless array of options available in colors, styles and finishes, you need to keep certain factors in mind before finalizing a particular cabinet for your kitchen. Make sure you select colors keeping in mind the theme and space available in your kitchen. You can also combine various colors to mix and match for the perfect look.

Below are some color options you can choose for your kitchen cabinets:

Purple and violet:

Purples and violets have become very popular over the past few years. They can instantly make a kitchen look spectacular and provide visual richness. Whenever you decide to opt for purple kitchen cabinets, make sure you pay attention to the surrounding interior decoration. You can get a sophisticated look in your kitchen by combining purple with dark hues. Do not go overboard with the color as it can become overwhelming for the eyes.


The color is apt for livening up a dull kitchen. However, make sure you use this color in moderation as well. Combine orange colored cabinets with light shades such as simple grey, white or light hues of blue to achieve the ideal look.


Warm and deep grey shades are perfect for adding a superior look to your kitchen. If you want to go in for grey kitchen cabinets, choose textured finishes and modern patterns that give an elevated look.

Pristine white: 

Having white color for your kitchen cabinets can prove to be very soothing for the eyes. You can have any dark color in the backdrop to accentuate the kitchen interiors. For a minimalist design, combine white kitchen cabinets with wooden ones. The combination of black and white makes for a classy finish.


You can choose to have green kitchen cabinets in various shades. Painted green cabinets can add a dash of warmth to any kitchen. Lime green and dark olive green cabinets have a chic and contemporary appeal. For a vintage look, opt for a lighter shade of green.

Shades of blue:

Any shade of blue can uplift the whole ambience of your kitchen. Blue kitchen cabinets are perfect if you desire a coastal or marine look. The color blue seems to have a refreshing and energizing effect when combined with white. So, you can have kitchen cabinets in shades of blue with a background of white color on the walls.


If you want a more prominent and bold look for your kitchen, choose the color black for your cabinets. For an even more bold approach, you can combine it with a dark color such as red or orange. Select black cabinets if you love a posh and minimalist cabin look for your kitchen.

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