June 4, 2016

Choosing A Wood Type For Kitchen Cabinets

How To Choose A Wood Type For Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, cabinets are good choice to begin with. With so many choices available for wooden cabinets – oak, cherry, alder, maple, walnut, hickory etc., you need to make sure that you know the characteristics of each of these to make the right choice.

Listed below are various hardwood types and their features:


Oak is a heavy, durable and light colored hardwood with various grain patterns such as straight lines, dots and sweeping arches. It is available in white as well as red varieties, making it ideal to be used for both contemporary and traditional kitchen décor. It has a very artistic look that can be perfect to make cabinets in different styles and designs.


It is a light weight and fine-grained hardwood available in light red, pale yellow as well as reddish-brown colors. It comes in a rustic genre characterized by visible grains and knots. They offer a good surface for stains as well as finishes and is ideal to be used for modern design kitchen cabinets.


The maple wood is known for its durability and shock-resistance. The grains of maple are smooth, even and fine. Its special property is that it has mineral streaks that becomes dark when stained. Maple wood cabinets enable multi design possibilities. They have their own unique swirling patter some even forming a dot, often referred to as “Bird’s eye”. If you love contemporary look, then you must opt for this wood type for your kitchen cabinetry.


It has a uniform texture and is available in a wide range of colors. Unlike other wood types, the cherry wood cabinets have an advantage in terms of durability. They are proven to darken with age, hence giving a more lustrous look to your kitchen cabinets.


Having refined grain patterns and soft brown hues, walnut cabinets are available in mocha brown to reddish brown shades. These cabinets may feature light brown sapwood areas can provide an elegant look to your home.


It is a hard and highly durable wood available in a variety of colors from blonde to dark brown colors. The heartwood and the sapwood of hickory wood have a lot of color variations giving it a contrasting appearance. Hickory wood cabinet can be your pick, if you are looking for a custom cabinet.


The abrasion-resistant hardwood has a smooth surface texture and heavy grains. Birchwood cabinets have creamy yellow to reddish-brown respectively color patterns. Cabinets made up of Birchwood have their unique wooden patterns, rendering them a beautiful and natural look.

You can choose the type of wood according to your requirements.

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