December 27, 2016

Cabinet Ideas To Revamp Your Living Room

7 Cabinet Ideas To Revamp Your Living Room

A well-designed living room not only gives you a comfortable place to spend your leisure time, but also leaves a lasting impression on the guests. If you are planning to give a face lift to your living room decor but do not want to make a major investment, getting new cabinets is the perfect solution. They do not require a huge chunk of money and will make the room look more presentable as well as organized.

Benefits Of Living Room Cabinets

  • Increase storage space for magazines, books, gadgets, toys and other items of daily use.
  • Accentuate the decor of your living room.
  • Provide a designated space to keep your TV, electronic devices, glassware and other decorative items.
  • Customized drawers and shelves in the cabinet give an organized look to the living room.

Here are some of the cabinet ideas you can consider for your living room:

Display Cabinets

These are the perfect choice if you want to highlight your expensive glassware, chinaware, antiques and other decorative objects. Display cabinets usually comprise of a number of shelves and glass doors to provide a clear view to the items kept inside, while protecting them from dust or damage. You can either go for a free standing display cabinet or buy a wall mounted one if space is a constraint. Installing concealed lighting inside the cabinet can be a good option to increase the beauty of the objects even more.

TV Cabinets

An elegant and classy TV cabinet is another option that can add a whole new dimension to your living room decor. You can opt for a cabinet with open shelves or the one with wooden doors, as per your preferences. It will not only provide you a safe place to keep your TV, but also keep other gadgets like home theater, music system, DVD player etc. in place. Some TV cabinets are designed to conceal the wires of all the gadgets which will make your living room look a lot more organized.

Wall Units

If you have a space constraint in your living room, wall units are the best bet. They not only take a limited floor space, but can be custom made to perfectly fit in the area where they need to be installed. You can even select the number of open shelves and custom drawers you require in the cabinet. Wall units can also be installed in the corner to make the most out of the available space.

Chest Of Drawers

People who love minimalism and simplicity can go for a chest of drawer to place in their living room. You can buy the one with large drawers or that consists of multiple closed shelves. When combined with a sleek wooden shelf above or two vertical wall units by the side, the chest of drawers can create an impressive focal point in the living room.

Things To Consider While Buying Living Room Cabinets

  • Make sure you explore all the options available. Research the different types and design of living room cabinets available in the market to get an idea about the latest trend.
  • Decide on the specific type of cabinet that will look the best in your living room. For instance, if you have a contemporary decor in the room, cabinet with vintage style craftsmanship and detailing would not be a good choice.
  • Take exact measurements of the space where you want to place the cabinet, particularly if you are planning to buy a wall unit. Decide the number of shelves and drawers you want based on the items that you want to store in the cabinet.
  • Make your mind on the color and finish of the cabinet. The selection of the right hardwood is another important decision that needs to be made. You should also choose the type of hardware (pulls and knobs) that you want in the cabinet.

Cabinets can be a great addition to any living room, provided that they complement the furniture and furnishings of the place.

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