Cabinet Ideas For Small Bathrooms
September 28, 2015

Cabinet Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Storage is always a problem in small spaces, specifically bathrooms. There are a lot of necessary items such as toiletries, towels, hairbrushes etc. that need to be stored. Cabinets are an ideal solution to make an efficient use of the space available in the bathroom. They can be custom-built in a way that allows maximum storage space while not taking up much floor area.

Here are some cabinet ideas which can be followed to maximize storage space in a small bathroom:

Drawers Inside Cabinet:

A cabinet with drawers can maximize the storage space. This will make it easier to keep small items. You can customize the size of the drawers according to the type of items that you intend to store.

Narrow Cabinets:

Narrow cabinets can be used to utilize the vertical space in the small bathrooms. Small utility things can be organized in the drawers and shelved of the cabinet.

Laboratory-Style Cabinets:

It consists of a metal frame and four glass panels. The vertical glass shelves are ideal to store various bottles and lotions.

Medicine Cabinet:

This kind of cabinet contains a magnetic door and fixed internal shelf to keep small things like toothbrushes, face creams, shaving creams etc.

Streamlined & Sleek Cabinet:

A tall, sleek and streamlined cabinet occupies very little space .It has five internal shelves which enable you to store many utility items.

Cabinet Without Doors:

 A cabinet without door can be useful when you want to access your items quickly. Different shelves can be added to increase the space and keep the stuff in an organized manner.

Floating Cabinets:

Floating cabinets can utilize most of the available space and provide an illusion of a larger room. These are generally mounted on the wall and can be used where there is less floor space.

Stackable Baskets Underneath Cabinets: 

To have an easy and quick access to the daily use items, you can also use stackable baskets underneath the cabinets. The space inside the door of the cabinet can be utilized to keep some handy items such as a hairdryers, creams etc.

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