December 22, 2015

Cabinet Ideas For Improving Kitchen Storage

Top 9 Ideas to For Improving Kitchen Storage

An organized kitchen is everyone’s delight. Everything kept at the right place and made available at the most appropriate time, without any delays or confusions, is an ideal kitchen. Cabinets and storage areas are present every kitchen but as needs grow, so do the constraints on the existing space. Following are some tips on how one can smartly improve the storage space with carefully planned kitchen cabinets:

Use the top space:

The space above the regular and handy shelves is the best place to have cabinets that can store bulky, rarely used items. You can construct these storage cabinets right up to the ceiling.

Add pull out shelves: 

Instead of having only fixed and plain cabinets, one can add metallic pull out shelves. This way you don’t need to bend every time you need to fetch something. As soon as you open the cabinet, the shelf can be pulled out. This also comes in various sizes meant for different types of utensils- big or small.

Have vertical shelves: 

Vertical shelves require less cabinet space and can be fitted in places that are lean. These shelves come very handy for storing small bottles, spices etc.

Use the space smartly: 

Even the area below the cleaning sink can be fitted with a cabinet to store the bin or cleaning/scrubbing material. This adds a lot of convenience to the kitchen too.

Drawers help: 

Drawers are a must in every kitchen. Instead of going only for cabinets that have simple partitions, have small drawers so smaller items can be stored there and do not eat up the essential cabinet spaces which can accommodate bigger items.

Add open shelves: 

Along with some closed cabinets, you should always have at least one corner where shelves are open. They can be used to keep plants and showpieces. This also gives a personalized look to your kitchen.

Use partitions in open cabinets: 

If you intend to use the open shelves for crockery (which looks nice in display), make sure you have partitions in it. It helps in having a designated place for everything and doesn’t look messy.

Use inserts: 

There are colorful and contemporary inserts available in the market which have built in partitions. One can simply organize cutlery etc in these inserts and stuff them inside a cabinet.

Hooks and hangers: 

One can also use the outside portion of the cabinet by putting up hooks that can hang the kitchen cloth or ladles. This way you can create more space inside those cabinets and making the essentials accessible.

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