February 20, 2015

Cabinet Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

7 Cabinet Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home that should be clean and organized. However, in order to store things properly and ensure that even a small kitchen looks modish, it is essential to carefully decide the cabinet design. Here are some clever layouts and ideas for the kitchen cabinets, which will make your small kitchen, look big on style and efficiency.

Use Lighter Shades

Using low contrast color schemes for the cabinets can make the kitchen appear larger. Shades such as soft gray green, cream, light brown etc. work well for the kitchen cabinets with white or cream shade for the wall.

Use Glass Cabinet Doors

It is easy to make a small kitchen look stylish by following some simple tips. Replacing the wooden cabinet doors with glass doors can do wonders in making the kitchen look larger. Either all or some of the cabinet doors can be replaced according to the need and color coordination.ca

Use Adjoining Room

If the room adjoining the kitchen has some free space you can consider placing some of the less used stuff of the kitchen there. This can help in enhancing the storage capacity of the kitchen and make the kitchen look clutter free.

Corner Cabinets

The storage can be customized and corner cabinets can be installed which use by the space that is usually wasted. A certified kitchen designer can help you in customizing the storage. Some of the top customized storage ideas are flip top cabinets, carousel racks, pullout pilaster etc.

Hanging Space

Pots and pans can be hung over convenient pot racks, which can be built along the cabinets or across the sink. The homeowners can hang the pots on them to reduce the clutter in the home and have some space for keeping other important things of the kitchen.

Use Organizational Inserts

Outfitting cabinets with organizational inserts can increase their storage capacity of the small kitchen and help remove clutter. The inserts can be made on the doors of the cabinets or on the pullout racks, pantry, rotating shelves etc. The inserts help in keeping everything in place and makes finding things easier.

Knife Drawers

A cabinet can be made solely for the knives, this can make the kitchen look clean & immaculate, thus a good idea for small kitchen. You can used compact knife bar cabinet for the same.

Managing the space of the kitchen and making it look more spacious and clutter free is a matter of innovation and ideas. A creative kitchen designer can help you in re-modeling your kitchen in an affordable yet stylish manner.