February 12, 2018

Benefits Of Built-In Cabinets

8 Benefits Of Built-In Cabinets

Transform the vibe of your home by incorporating built-in cabinets. The trend of built-ins is catching up fast due to the myriad benefits it offers. From saving space to reducing clutter, built in cabinets are highly practical pieces of furniture that every modern home needs. Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits of incorporating them in your house.

1. Efficient Use Of Space

Built-in cabinets can be used to store items above and within. They are great as media units when built along a wall. The can efficiently be used to store cables, remotes and other accessories making the space look neat and tidy.

2. Highly Customizable

The best part of built-in cabinets is the fact that they can be easily customized as per your requirements. You can blend open shelves with closed cabinets to display some items while concealing others. They can also be used as walk-in closet or a secret room. There’s no limit to how creative you can get with built-in cabinets.

3. Utilization Of Unique Space

If you’ve got an un-used corner in any part of your house due to a unique floor plan and layout, use built in cabinets to utilize that space. Their versatility and decorative element will instantly brighten up the corner offering you more storage space and by being a unique focal point in the room.

4. Frame Doors And Windows

Instead of leaving the space around a door or window vacant and bland, why not beautify it with built in cabinets? Create a window seat and add cabinets all around the window. This doubles up as a cosy sitting spot and an area with immense storage potential. What a smart utilization of space.

5. Bathroom Beautification

Add to the visual appeal of your bathroom with built-in cabinets. Bathrooms easily get cluttered with bottles, tubes, cleaners, etc. Store them away in the cabinets and leave some open shelves to display your unique soaps, books, succulents, etc. Use light fixtures in open cabinets to transform a regular bathroom into a visual treat.

6. Enhance The Outdoors

Built-in cabinets are not just confined to the indoors. They can be effectively used outside as well. Incorporate them in your wooden or concrete banquette seating to add function, space and a cosy vibe. The storage can be in the form of liftable seats or front facing doors, open shelves and drawers.

7.Under-Stair Storage

Un-utilized space under the stairs has immense potential for storage. The best way to use the space for storage without cluttering it, is to form a series of cabinets and drawers that are easily accessible.

8. Height Utilization

A great thing about built-in cabinets is that you can easily and aesthetically expand them upwards. Fill up a high wall with built-ins to make it a compact focal point with added storage and display area.

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